Friday, November 14, 2008

map quest IV

This interactive world map by SHOW is top of the line.  The countries morph in size to represent their data on a various subjects ranging from aging population mass to alcohol use per capita to the number of journalist killed while on story.   Their data providers are an impressive bunch, too; i.e. Unicef, Amnesty International and The World Bank, to name a few. 


Here's a neat time lapse video filmed on deck of a ship traveling through the Panama Canal via Mental Floss.  

oh, the places you'll go!

10 most amazing ghost towns from around the world. 

oh, the places you'll go!

Holi is a popular Hindu spring festival in India, Guyana and Nepal.  Also known as the Festival of Colours, on the second day, known as Dhulhendi, partakers celebrate by throwing colored powders and water at one another.  Oddee has more on this and other 'odd' festivals from around the world. 

oh, the places you'll go!

Oddee documents of the sights and sounds of a Bolivian witches market.