Thursday, June 19, 2008

paper birds

Japanese surgeon Dr. Norihiko Ishikawa demonstrates the precision of the daVinci Surgical System by using its remote-control robotic arms to indulge in a spot of origami. The object he’s making – a crane – is about the size of a penny. While the video's intent is to serve as an example of both the daVinci's and Dr. Ishikawa's precision; though- to me the footage has ship fever written all over it.
I picture Dr. Ishi in a darkened room looming over a workspace clad with scattered PostIt's, most creased with the fold marks of failed attempts. Chopsticks in hand, I imagine him undertaking effort upon effort to form the wading bird's tiny neck. The corpses of discarded baby cranes lay to his left and right, necks broken.
Clearly, my mind tends to wander more than the average bear. Though, I surmise that the greatest aversion to ship fever is quite possibly the imagination. After all, I've spent twice as long dreaming up my ideas about Dr. Ishi as I have watching his video or writing this blurb.

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