Thursday, July 3, 2008

meat, meat and more meat

I love meat.  Not just because it's so damned tasty, though.  I also love meat for it's connotations and, as of late, i've found those connotations all over some of my favorite literary and design resources.  
Meathaus, a comics anthology, is a recent discovery for me.  It spotlights the latest work of a talented collection of New York cartoonists and illustrators. 
Another must see is MeatPaper: Your Journal of Meat Culture.  This print magazine covers a vast playground of topics circulating around art and ideas about meat.  Vegetarians, don't be wary, this is no carnivore's little black book.  Personal narratives, journalism, prose, poetry, images, and art criticism examine the role of meat in culture as well as in our diet. 

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